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Fixture Blocks

With each purchase of a MillerBuilt “Weld-On” Hybrid Full Floater kit, the appropriate fixture tools to assist with your installation will be made available to you for FREE via the MillerBuilt tool “Loan Program” (for details read the Q&A at bottom of this page).  The MillerBuilt fixture blocks are precision machined from 6061 aluminum then hard black anodized for maximize durability. The proper hardware is also included so you can get right to work! Fixture pieces and hardware are also available for purchase.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Precision Machined Fixture Blocks
  • (1) Hardware Mounting Kit

PRICED AT – $350.00 pair

The fixture blocks are designed to fit 1.500” diameter straight bars. MillerBuilt recommends the Mittler Bros 1.500” straight bar. You will need the Mittler Bros bar or an equivalent in order to correctly complete your installation.


Depending on who will be performing your installation, check with your local fabricator/shop as they may already have a 1.500” straight bar. If you do need a bar, the bars can be purchased/shipped most cost effectively through Summit Racing.

MillerBuilt also HIGHLY recommends this handy tool from Moser that accurately assists with indicating were you will cut your axle tubes in order to obtain your desired overall housing width with the correct pinion offset for your application.

The fixture blocks feature a flat machined area to help accurately obtain the desired brake caliper “clocking position”. The machined flat surface simulates the plain/angle your caliper will be at once the caliper bracket and caliper are installed. Two steel dowels have been positioned within the machined flat surface to accommodate a magnetic based angle finder to help free your hands while tack welding the MillerBuilt Floater Ends to your axle tubes…

The fixture blocks have been designed to simulate the overall thickness of the SKF Hub Bearing Unit and E-brake Backing Plate allowing you to quickly check your overall “Hub Bearing Unit Flange to Hub Bearing Unit Flange” overall width without disassembly of the fixture blocks, and assembling of actual Hybrid Floater kit components… This saves time!

Common questions regarding the MillerBuilt Tool

“Loan Program”

Q: Are the fixture blocks really free to use?

A: Yes, however a fully refundable deposit in the amount of $350.00 will be required.


Q: When will I receive my deposit back?

A: The deposit will be fully refunded within 7 days upon the safe return of ALL loaned items. Loaned items will need to be returned in good condition.


Q: Who will be responsible for shipping & related costs?

A: MillerBuilt will provide shipping of the items to the customer at the customer’s expense and will be billed at same time as the $350.00 deposit is taken. The customer will be responsible for return packaging & shipping costs.


Q: What happens if the items become damaged or go missing in transit during the return to MillerBuilt?

A: If damaged, MillerBuilt will determine reasonable costs to repair or replace. If the return package goes missing, the customers $350 deposit will be entirely forfeited (for this reason MillerBuilt suggest you insure the returning package so you are covered).


Q: How long can I use the fixture blocks for?

A: You will be required to return and provide a tracking number to MillerBuilt 14 days after your receiving the items from MillerBuilt. Tracking info indicating “delivered” to the customer will be defined as your receiving date, thus starting your 14 days of use…


Q: Can I use a length of 1-1/2” diameter thick wall tubing instead of the recommended Mittler Bros solid bar?

A: No, thick wall tubing will be neither be rigid or straight enough and will greatly compromise the quality of the installation, ultimately affecting performance and longevity of components.


Q: Can I use a length of 1-1/2” diameter solid bar from my local metal supplier?

A: No, typically solid bar found at metal suppliers is neither precision in its diameter or straightness and will greatly compromise the quality of the installation, ultimately affecting performance and longevity of components.

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